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Outside the Box 2020

My Painting “All That Jazz” was selected for the Toronto StART Outside the Box Program 2020 where traffic signal boxes all around Toronto are painted by artists to beautify the City. This week I painted a tall traffic signal box at the corner of Bloor Street West and Aukland Rd just north of Kipling Station. We worked outside in temperatures around 35C – what a scorcher!  
How does one convert a big old traffic signal box into a work of art?
Check out the link in my Youtube VIDEO to see the steps up close and personal

All That Jazz, an Outside the Box 2020 Project, City of Toronto

Steps in painting a light box

1. Prime the box

2. Paint background with outdoor latex paint

3. Sketch design with colour pencils

4. Block major colours in the painting

5. When it’s dry come back and add more details

6. Add protective coat to seal in the design

Here are some photos at each stage:

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