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Jazz Art in Trinidad and Tobago

My Jazzy and Musical Art Creations will be on sale for the holiday season.


The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago is hosting its member exhibition from Nov 26 to Dec 16th .

Visit the ASTT Gallery at The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago 3 – 7 St. Vincent Avenue Federation Park NEWTOWN 190333

 I will have 2 pieces on sale in this exhibition  Jazzy square foot (12”x12”) – ‘Hazel Scott in Concert’ and ‘Stop in the Name of Love’. You could own an original today!

Stop in the Name of Love

VALEites Pop Up Artisans’ Market

Sunday 5th December; Time 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Diego Martin Community Centre Courtyard, Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard, Diego Martin

Acrylic on Solid Wood Tondos
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