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Live Book Reading – Where Are My Car Keys?

Join us for a lively session of book readings and discussion as I describe my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease. We will also read from the children’s companion book – Is That My Granny? EVENT LINK ‘Where are my Car Keys?’ : A Mother’s Journey with Alzheimer’s Disease ISBN: 1533463239 ISBN-13: 978:1533463239 Weaving stories […]

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New illustrated children’s book.

‘Is That My Granny?’ is the first children’s book written and illustrated by Jennylynd James. It addresses the symptoms of Alzheimer’s from a child’s perspective. The book is loosely based on her nephews’ experience with their grandmother who suffered through many stages of Alzheimer’s until her eventual death in January 2018.  

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Two New Publications!!

ANNOUNCING NEW PUBLICATIONS!!! The past few months, I’ve worked feverishly to write the memoir ‘Where are My Car Keys?’ describing my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease. This was a labour of love and self healing, celebrating my mother who lived a fulfilling life as a music teacher and active member of the community in Trinidad & […]

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