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Salt Prune – Short Documentary is online

SALT PRUNE: Memories of the Over 80s in Trinidad and Tobago

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What was life like in Trinidad and Tobago before the war?  Many stories are stored in the memories of the elderly and they will soon be lost as people over 80 years of age pass away. This documentary follows the lives of six senior citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, ranging in age from 80 to 110. They talk about their modest family lives and their desire to succeed in noble careers. Vivienne Reece at 110 is probably the oldest citizen in Trinidad and Tobago. She entertains with many stories of dressing up and going to work for $1 a week and showing us how to “dance de cocoa”. Our over 80s give us their perspective of modern day Trinidad and look back with nostalgia on the good old days.

Production Details

This is a documentary, filmed on location at homes in Trinidad using a point and shoot Canon camera. The producer interviews the participants in the comfort of their homes and gets them to open up about their lives. Each participant is asked the same questions and allowed to speak at length. The footage is edited to extract the essence of the discussions.

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