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New Artwork … It’s a process

My art process is a bit convoluted, but enjoyable. I’m continuing to create paintings of musicians and singers, the series I worked on in 2019.
The first step is stretching of canvases, a newly learned skill which I’m mastering day by day. I cut a roll of gesso primed canvas into measured pieces that can be stapled onto preformed/recycled wood frames. These wooden frames of many different sizes I had rescued from some old paintings early in January. It was long before realizing they would come in handy now that we’re hope indefinitely. After stretching and stapling canvases, I also decided on the orientation and subjects I wanted to paint, and attached D-rings and hanging wires to the backs of the canvases so they would be ready to hang immediately after painting. Check out my videos of some of this process.
When I decide what to paint, I use YouTube period videos and photos for reference. The next step is to sketch the image onto the canvas, either in pencil or with a fine brush using brown paint.
Here are video links showing the process I followed and acrylic paintings produced over the past few weeks in self quarantine.
Alexander’s Messiah, 36”x42”

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Posted by Art By Jennylynd James on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tribute to Manu Dibango, 36”x42”

Pan Jazz Painting

Starting new painting while I self isolate. This one will have cameo appearances by many Jazz greats… stay tuned

Posted by Art By Jennylynd James on Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Amazing Dream Coat, 20”x24”  

#WIP work in progress#ManuDibango #SoulMakossa

Posted by Art By Jennylynd James on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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