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Cross Atlantic Travel

This is what kept me awake over the weekend …

Food for thought and more questions than answers…

If you look at the real world map (not the one we were mysteriously “taught” in school), with air travel, the shortest distance between Guinea, West Africa and Trinidad and Tobago is estimated at 5,638 km= 3,503 miles.

If you travel in an airplane with an average speed of 560 miles/hr, from Guinea to Trinidad and Tobago could take 6.26 hours to arrive.

-Why is it necessary to fly north to the UK or other European country first, lay over, then change planes and fly south when the countries are so close?

-Who controls the skies?

-What is the logic behind this? (“I already know the answer”)

-When will Caribbean Airlines organize direct flights to West Africa and by-pass Europe?

-When will African nations organize more direct flights to the West?

-Who wants to petition for direct flights from the Caribbean to West Africa?

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