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Visit to China

My visit to China in September 2017 was a whirlwind tour of five cities: Shanghai, Beigjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Suzhou. China was an interesting blend of the future, present and the past; from the high speed bullet trains and well lit skyscrapers in Shanghai, to the ancient temples and gardens of the emperors in Beijing. China is well worth the visit with education and culture at every turn.

“Modern” Chinese advertising

We saw many billboards and signs using young good looking Chinese men to advertise anything from icecream cones to energy drinks to train tickets. This was a refreshing change to the typical Western style of advertising where the young female body is the one primarily used in advertising.

Holographic advertising was used in the fashionable Nanching Street a pedestrian street with shops and cafes in Wuxi.


A visit to the pearl farm in Wuxi  – a feast for the eyes and the wallet!!!

How many pearls can you find in a fresh water oyster? What a surprise for us when the sales agent opened an oyster before our eyes and we counted 15 pearls.

Pearl cream will make your face “10 years younger” … Sounded like a great idea at the time J

Visit to Dragon Well Tea Plantation in the hills outside Hangzhou.

“Drink Dragon Well Green Tea and live a long healthy life”

At least that was the take away message after the lecture by the Tea Scientist and the heavy sales pitch. I hope all those who spent $$$$ on tea leaves and tea pills are using them. We learned how to walk amongst the tea plants and harvest the youngest tea leaves and buds, drying them by hand in a big vat to preserve all the nutrients.

I bought a little pillow filled with tea leaves. Mind you I also bought a “special” clay teapot with cups at a factory that swore to have the most finely made teapots in all of China. It was so cute, seemed like a good idea at the time. Hope I use it.

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