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Outside the Box 2020

My Painting “All That Jazz” was selected for the Toronto StART Outside the Box Program 2020 where traffic signal boxes all around Toronto are painted by artists to beautify the City. This week I painted a tall traffic signal box at the corner of Bloor Street West and Aukland Rd just north of Kipling Station. […]

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Cross Atlantic Travel

This is what kept me awake over the weekend … Food for thought and more questions than answers… If you look at the real world map (not the one we were mysteriously “taught” in school), with air travel, the shortest distance between Guinea, West Africa and Trinidad and Tobago is estimated at 5,638 km= 3,503 […]

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New Artwork … It’s a process

My art process is a bit convoluted, but enjoyable. I’m continuing to create paintings of musicians and singers, the series I worked on in 2019.The first step is stretching of canvases, a newly learned skill which I’m mastering day by day. I cut a roll of gesso primed canvas into measured pieces that can be […]

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Two New Publications!!

ANNOUNCING NEW PUBLICATIONS!!! The past few months, I’ve worked feverishly to write the memoir ‘Where are My Car Keys?’ describing my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease. This was a labour of love and self healing, celebrating my mother who lived a fulfilling life as a music teacher and active member of the community in Trinidad & […]

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Visit to China

My visit to China in September 2017 was a whirlwind tour of five cities: Shanghai, Beigjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Suzhou. China was an interesting blend of the future, present and the past; from the high speed bullet trains and well lit skyscrapers in Shanghai, to the ancient temples and gardens of the emperors in Beijing. […]

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This would be the best way to describe my experiences during a visit to India in February 2017. The sights, sounds and tastes of the Indian State of Rajasthan were a feast that our group consumed in large morsels. If only I could stay longer. Women wore brightly coloured clothing: saris, head scarves and tunics […]

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Japan – Art overload

We’ve finally returned from a whirlwind trip to Japan. Japan is the most technologically advanced country I’ve ever visited. It may take Canada and United States at least 50 years to catch up with them, perhaps more if we tried really hard! The advanced public infrastructure and transport system are impressive. We had the opportunity […]

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