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Food Safety & Quality Consulting, Auditing, and Training

Dr. Jennylynd James is an Approved Virtual Training Partner of the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS)
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Is your company thinking of getting certified against the BRCGS food standard?

Do you want to become a food safety auditor?

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I provide first hand experience as a BRCGS auditor during training, and use anecdotes to create an interactive learning experience.

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Lead Auditor Training – May 2-6, Jun 6-10, Jul 4-8, Aug 1-5, Sep 12-15, Oct 3-7, Nov 7-11, Dec 5-9
$1700 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

Food Auditor Training – May 2-4, Jun 6-8, Jul 4-6, Aug 1-3, Sep 12-14, Oct 3-5, Nov 7-9, Dec 5-7
$1219.51 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

Sites Training – May 9-10, Jun 20-21, Jul 11-12, Aug 15-16, Sep 19-20, Oct 10-11, Dec 19-20
$813.00 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

Internal Auditor – Apr 14-15, May 12-13, Jul 14-15, Aug 25-26, Sep 22-23, Oct 13-14, Nov 14-15
$813.00 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

HACCP Training – Apr 18-19, May 16-17, Jun 27-28, Jul 18-19, Oct 17-18, Nov 17-18
$813.00 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

Product Safety Culture – ***
$600 USD (+ 4.5% CC fee) Buy Now

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Dr. Jennylynd James is a Certified BRCGS Auditor

  • BRC Global Standard for Food, Issue 8. Food Categories:-
    • Category 5 – Fruits, vegetables, Nuts (fresh – washing/grading)
    • Category 6 – Prepared fruits, vegetables, salads (chilled, frozen)
    • Category 8 – Cooked meats and fish products (chilled and frozen)
    • Category 10 – Ready meals, sandwiches, Cream cakes (chilled, frozen)
    • Category 11 – Ambient stable products with pasteurisation or sterilisation as heat treatment
    • Category 14 – Bakery (Ambient, frozen)
    • Category 15 – Dried foods and ingredients (ambient)
    • Category 16 – Confectionery
    • Category 17 – Cereals and snack foods – extrusion and heat treatment (ambient)
    • Category 18 – Oils and Fats (cooking oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise – ambient)
  • Certified Auditor of Gluten Free standards (GFCP version 2 & AOECS); Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) preparedness, retailer custom audits; Certified Witness Auditor


Jennylynd James Enterprises is a privately owned consulting company. Our goal is to provide best in class, food safety and quality consulting and training to all sectors of the food industry.

“From the Farm to the Consumer’s Plate”



Compliance with CanadaGAP and other good agricultural practices standards


  • Quality Management Systems development,
  • Food safety program development and monitoring
  • Staff training
  • Site and equipment review and recommendations
  • Environmental monitoring programs
  • Revision and development of GMPs, food safety documents, training material, and the HACCP plan
  • Sanitation plan and SSOPs document development


Award Winning Product Development

Ideas generation and testing: from the recipe to the supermarket shelf.

Watch Jennylynd James as she perfects her pitch on Bad Boy Sauces and braving the Dragons on the TV programme, the Irish Dragons Den. She was successful in getting funding from Dragons Sean Gallagher and Niall O’Farrell who pledged 40,000 euros for a 50% stake in the business.

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