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Jennylynd James

Jennylynd James is an author of memoirs, a fine artist doing work in oil and acrylic, a soprano, and a food scientist. She has even designed a line of hats and button and wire jewellery. Never one to limit her passions, she has found tremendous success in all areas of her artistry. Learn more about Jennylynd’s journey and her craft. Contact her for any custom requests and additional information.

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Jennylynd's travel experiences in Ireland inspired her to become an author of books about life, work and perseverance ...



Jennylynd first discovered her talent for drawing and painting in oil and acrylic, while living in the seaside village of Tramore in Ireland...


Jewellery & Accessories

Jennylynd is an award-winning hat and jewellery designer. She first won an award for her hat design at the Dublin Horse Show in Ireland, 2005 ...

Jewellery Plus


Premier of Salt Prune in Trinidad and Tobago

SALT PRUNE: Memories of the Over 80s in Trinidad and Tobago A Short Documentary Film Join the AzATT and Jennylynd James for the premier of Salt Prune Saturday 21st October 2017 Bishop Anstey High School, Port-of-Spain, The Open Classroom 6:00 pm $100TT per person Light refreshments will be provided Watch the Trailer

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Salt Prune Documentary

Launching the new documentary, Salt Prune: Memories of the Over 80s in Trinidad and Tobago! This documentary follows the lives of six senior citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, ranging in age from 80 to 110. They describe who they used to be, and who they are now. Jennylynd was motivated to create a documentary about […]

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E-Book Giveaway on Kindle – Escape from Ireland

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day s017! For one week only, Amazon Kindle and Kindle UK are offering Escape from Ireland and the original Escape from Eire for only 99p until  March 21st 2017. Check out this amazing offer on and and fire up that Kindle from March 15th 🙂 Go raibh […]

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